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Global Trends Spotlight: Technology Report

Evolve with technology to increase customer engagement.

Understanding technology's impact on how people live including how they think, what they buy, and how they work is critical for advertisers, marketers, and insights professionals. While taking a pulse of the current state of consumer-facing technology is crucial, it's also important to be mindful of the overarching trends that inform and drive technological innovation.

Building on the foundation of the 2019 Dynata Global Trends Report, this spotlight report explores three key themes that are fundamental to how technology will shape the future: mobile, interconnectivity, and voice

With the impact technology has today and the speed with which it shapes the world around us, it is well worth taking time to observe, analyze, and determine how technology can shape your business and increase customer engagement. Download our technology spotlight report today and stay ahead of these trends to better anticipate customer needs, rather than reacting too late.