Telemedicine’s popularity has grown during our new normal. Will it remain part of our healthcare lives after COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that you – or someone you know – has consulted with a healthcare professional. But given social restrictions, “going to the doctor” has become a virtual experience, conducted over the phone or video chat. Telemedicine has grown during the pandemic and many first-time users are satisfied with the experience. Discover the latest global trends shaping the new normal of telemedicine from the perspectives of consumers and healthcare professionals alike, including:

  •  Telemedicine is being used widely during the pandemic – Among the 39% of people who consulted a healthcare professional, two-thirds used telemedicine, many of them for the first time (84%).
  •  Healthcare professionals are widely split on its efficacy – Opinions on telemedicine’s efficacy vary, from 61% in Spain thinking it is mostly or totally effective to just 13% in Germany and 12% in France.
  •  Telemedicine is likely to stick around – More than half (55%) of consumers reported a satisfactory experience with using telemedicine; and while healthcare professionals had a less positive experience, half of those surveyed believe telemedicine use will increase.


NOTE: The survey includes 11,322 responses from 11 countries: the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Singapore, China, and Australia.

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