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eBook: Automation and the Transformation of Research

How to make Automation work for you

Automation is not a new concept in the market research industry. In the past few years, this term, once rarely discussed, has become common parlance in industry conversations. The industry isn’t just talking about automation, however; it’s putting it into practice. The recently released Q3-Q4 2017 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) shows that automation and data visualization are considered “game changers” in the industry.

Despite all the interest, however, there is still a degree of ambiguity and confusion around what automation means and how it relates to the future of the research industry. To some, it signals brighter tomorrows: smarter research, completed more quickly and cost-effectively. For others, it evokes fears that new technology will mean losing the insights of experienced researchers and the skills of effective project managers. Both are valid viewpoints, but a more nuanced understanding is needed.

In this eBook, you will learn about the state of automation in the market research landscape, as well as the different strategies that research companies employ in the use of automation. You will also gain a truer understanding of what automation means for the industry and how it can make an impact in your business decision-making.