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The Dynata Global Trends Report

We work in a world of brands and measurement.

When people participate in research, many things go into their decisions about what to share and the opinions they express, which are beyond the scope of the traditional survey dataset delivered to clients. Participants make early decisions about the trustworthiness of the company asking for their participation and continue to evaluate that trust with every question. They also consider their personal values, goals, fears, and perceptions of the world around them. To accurately measure people’s intentions, we must consider the environmental, societal, and psychological factors impacting them.

In this report, Dynata benchmarks global behaviors and sentiments that affect the statistics we tend to focus on, with our follow-up annual reports and quarterly spotlight reports building ongoing trendlines. Our report analyzes environmental aspects, such as people’s device and web behaviors, as well as media consumption. We focus on societal considerations, including trust and privacy, as well as psychological factors like economic and financial sentiment. These factors affect whether or not people will share data, and when they do, how they respond to brands and their products.